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This camping season, forget packing in newspaper.


Here are some homemade fire-starters, perfect for building a marshmallow-toaster or a survival fire:

Here are a couple of tips for finding your way when your map is lost, your GPS wonʼt work and your compass is smashed to bits.

Essential tips for any hiker!

So, you think you've explored the USA? Hiked the Grand Tetons? Trekked the Grand Canyon? Paddled the Boundary Waters?

But have you been to these three off-radar locales?

Canada. It's almost 10 million square-kilometres of adventures, waiting for you. Ten provinces. Thirteen territories. More freshwater than any country on Earth; more coastline than any country on Earth. Iconic mountain ranges, vast plains, remote Arctic...

How do you decide?

Are you ready to be a campsite pro?

Learn these three skills and impress your friends this summer:

Assuming you’re lacking cell coverage...

...and can’t access the Weather Network app, here are six techniques for old-school weather prediction:

YouTube is more than celebrity makeup videos, #FAILs and cute puppies, you know.

For outdoor enthusiasts, it's a constant source of inspiration and information.

Have you ever dreamed of being a campsite expert? The kind of person you knows how to build the best fire, make the best food and setup a tent with ease?

We can't help you gain all the skills. But we can help you gain four new ones—with these essential camping hacks:

From a few days to a week-plus, we've compiled a list of 10 epic multiway backcountry hikes you need to add to your bucket list.


Family vacations with an active slant—camping and trekking both at-home and abroad. An active and healthy lifestyle the whole family will enjoy and activities that forge self-confidence, promote problem-solving skills and instill a love of and respect for nature.

Sounds great, right?

Here's how to do it right: