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Canada's Arctic holds adventure beyond imagination. It's a bucket-list adventure to travel to this far north wonderland—and it's also easier than you think. Read on to discover the joys of Nunavut, Canada's largest and most northern territory.

Backcountry skiing is intimidating. But it is so rewarding. So today, we're looking at five places in Canada you can easily get into the slackcountry and the backcountry...  accessed from major resorts.

Know your snow, travel with safe gear and have fun!

You think you've hiked some long trails? We bet you've never hiked trails like these Great Eight before.

Lace up your boots and read on in disbelief:

Bear safety should always be on the mind of any Canadian backcountry hiker. But there’s no need to be scared of bears. You just need to be prepared.

Here are some tactics for dealing with bears in the bushes.

Let's ride. But skip the usual suspects and head to a new, lesser-known destination this season.

We have three destinations in Canada you haven't ridden before. Let's get started:

So you can set up a tent in four minutes, roast a marshmallow to perfection and you’re a pro backpack-packer?

Well, here are three more essential camping skills to master:

Canada is one of the best cycling destinations on Earth. From the mountainous terrain of the coast and the Rockies, to the open expanses of the Prairies, to the scenic townships of Ontario and Quebec to the far eastern shores—you're guaranteed to find a trip to satisfy.

Read on for Canada's top six trips for travelling cyclists:

Is it just us, or are so many places getting overrun with travellers? It seems like everywhere we hike, it's busy. Every campsite is full.

Even travelling abroad leads us into the never-ending crowds. Which is crazy, right? It's a big wide world out there. There is plenty left to see—that hasn't been Instagrammed to death.

And a lot of these places are in Canada. Let's take a look at four of them. We bet you haven't been to all!

There’s no place like the backcountry.

Wilderness. Serenity. Peace. It’s why we love hike- and paddle-in campsites more than any other. Car-camping is fun, but backcountry camping is the real deal.

Let’s take a look at some more unusual items. Camping gear you’re less likely to have on-hand, but once you acquire it—well, it becomes almost as essential as a warm sleeping bag.

Start with some camp comfort: