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Our Favourites: 4 Items of Gear and Why You Need Them


Walk into any outdoor store and you'll be buried in an avalanche of gear. It all looks so good. But what's it all for? Why do YOU need it? And what separates the must-haves from the looks-good-on-the-shelves?

Let's take a look at four of our favourites—and why YOU need them.

Camping Hammock


These have become Instagram darlings, but there are good reasons why serious outdoors-people carry them too. Because if you want the zenith of lightweight-camping: This. Is. It. Pair it with a sleeping bag and tarp, and you have the ultimate in fast-setup, lightweight backpacking. Of course, even car-campers can find a use for these units. 'Cause they're just so comfy.

Camping Stick/Fuel Tab Stove

survival stove

This stove is as simple and reliable as it gets. It is durable and weatherproof—stash it anywhere on your person. When needed, unfold, place your cookware on top and use a fuel tab, pine-cones, sticks, paper, natural debris—anything—to get a flame going for dinner. As long as you have something to burn, you have dinner.

Collapsible Bucket


This one is not as obvious. But those who know, know. Simply put—for car-campers, a collapsible bucket is a must-have. You can wash your dishes. You can carry water. You can extinguish a fire. You can carry fish or live bait. You can pick up trash or use as a garbage pail. And rather than packing a big, cumbersome bucket—this one folds up to the size of a couple of dinner plates.

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sub-zero bags are too hot for summer. Summer bags are too cold for winter. But what if you could buy one sleeping bag that could last three seasons (or even four)? Well, that's pretty tough—without spending a mint—but by adding a sleeping bag liner, you add five degrees Celsius or more to any sleeping bag, adding, often, a full season to your existing sleeping bag. You can even use it on its own on ultra-hot summer nights!