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How to Make Your Own Waterproof Matches

waterproof matches

No more soggy matches! Use your winter to prep for next season. This simple trick turns conventional wooden matches into military-grade waterproof fire starters:

1. Buy some cheap, clear nail polish and pour a little into a small, open container—such as the cap from a soft drink bottle.

2. Take each match and dip the head in the nail polish, then lay flat on the edge of a counter or tabletop with the match-head extending off the edge.

3. Once dry, hold a match by the head and dip the entire remaining exposed wooden end into the nail polish (in bottle).

4. Lay match on wax paper to dry, repeat until you’ve got enough for your camping trip.

NOTE: Some people do this trick with paraffin wax—nail polish works better, as it won’t gunk up the match striker and provides a more durable finish.