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Adventures on Twitter!


Do you use Twitter? Did you know that the social network better known for political rants and celebrity gossip is also an outdoor adventure hotspot?

We'll break it down for you with 10 Twitter accounts you should follow for your daily dose of adventure:

Explore Magazine: This is Canada's number-one outdoor publication. There are many reasons why they've racked up more than 200 media awards since inception in 1981. Follow and find out.

The Happy Camper: One of Canada's premier experts on canoeing and camping, Kevin Callan always tackles the outdoors with a sense of humour.

Frank Wolf: This guy's adventures are the stuff of legend. You seriously have to see his "lines on a map" (also the title of his book) to believe the self-supported expeditions he's completed.

Outside Magazine: If you're not following America's largest outdoors publication, are you even ON Twitter? Check them out for daily inspiration.

Team Canada: Keep up with what our adventures and impressive Olympians are doing, in-between and, of course, during the Big Show.

David Webb: The editor of aforementioned Explore Magazine and an active outdoors-expert, this guy's Twitter stream is a plethora of outdoorsy info.

Bear Grylls: The host of Running Wild and a noted outdoors and survival expert, it's OK to have a little crush on Mr. Grylls. Follow him to stay in the loop.

Les Stroud: Canada's own Survivorman! His show gained popularity earlier in the 2000s—impressive, considering he shot it, starred-in and produced it himself.

Paul Nicklen: Absolutely one of, if not the, best wildlife photographers in the world. You have to see his Arctic and Antarctic imagery to believe it. So follow him and find out.

Kat Pyne: A filmmaker and journalist, Kay Pyne explores the outdoor world with a conservationists' mind.

So enjoy!