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3 Jaw-Dropping Wildlife Experiences in Canada

polar bear

Credit: David Webb


Are you looking for unique and wild experiences you can only have in Canada?

Prepare yourself for three essential wildlife adventures that are sure to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Get ready—and be respectful to the animals you encounter—to view some of the world's premier wildlife:

1. Sleep Amongst Bison in Alberta 

Elk Island is the largest fenced-in national park in Canada. But just because it’s fenced, doesn’t mean it’s tame. This parkland preserve holds serene lakes, lengthy trails and robust wildlife, from coyotes, to elk, to moose, to its ubiquitous and intimidating bison (of which you’re practically guaranteed to see). Most come for the day. But you’re going to buck the trend and stay the night. Reserve a comfy oTENTik through Parks Canada and you’ll not only enjoy the daytime trails and wildlife spotting, but the starry night sky in the park’s Beaver Hill Dark Sky Preserve, which is often coloured with the dancing Aurora Borealis.

2. Explore the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick

Fundy Tide Runners—an ethical whale-watching operator—has an eight-metre Zodiac ready to go at the government wharf in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea. Don a Mustang suit and in just a few minutes you’ll be in prime whale-watching waters. Extreme Fundy tides stir up nutrients to feed the food chain—including minke, finback, humpback and, occasionally, blue whales. Plus, plentiful porpoises entertain between big-whale sightings.

3. See the Arctic Big Five in Nunavut

Africa is famous for its Big Five animals—but the Canadian Arctic has its own Big Five, which is arguably more exclusive and more exciting. These beasts include: walrus, caribou, muskox, polar bear and a species of Arctic whale, such as a beluga, bowhead or narwhal—the latter is the quintessential Arctic Big Fiver. And you can see them all on a single trip to Nunavut, if you're lucky. Numerous operators specialize in wildlife watching trips—late spring and early summer will likely result in the best chances of photographing this quintuplet.