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Explore incredible hiking opportunities in one of Canada’s most impressive natural areas: Kluane National Park & Reserve.

When you’re practicing leave no trace backcountry camping, what you pack matters. You'll have to make decisons about comfort, hygeine and contingency items, but when it comes to coffee, an unwillingness to compromise might be as strong as a triple-shot Americano. 

Are the beaches near your home too crowded? Well guess what—if you travel just a little ways outside of your usual circle, I'm sure you can find less-busy beaches to stretch out on.

Get inspired with this list of uncrowded beaches in Canada. Is one near you?

Canada has unlimited hiking options—which is a blessing, but can be a curse when trying to narrow down a single route.

Here to help you sort through this plethora of wilderness is a hiking trail guide with three essential routes, all in Canada:

Let's kick back and listen to some quality audio journalism.  Podcasts that look at our outdoor world and explore it deeper. 

If you're looking for the best outdoor podcasts online, check out these four:

What an incredible world we live in. Full of rich, awe-inspiring wildlife. And the means in which to capture encounters with our natural world and share them with ease.

Be amazed at these six wildlife encounters:

Music makes emotion. Music sets the mood. And sometimes, music makes you want to get outside and explore.

Can you think of some songs that just scream ADVENTURE?

Are you looking for an amazing cycle tour this summer?

Head east, to stunning Quebec Maritime, and try one (or all!) of these:

Nunavut is Canada's largest and most remote territory—with no overland roads to the rest of the country.

For the adventurer, it's paradise. Check out these three parks for a taste of the True North:

Off-radar to many Canadians, California’s Central Coast is rife with opportunities for adventure. White-sand beaches with overhead waves. Lush forests crisscrossed with serene trails. A dusty island chain with more sea caves than anywhere else on Earth. It’s all here, and more.

Running north to south, here is part two of your guide to an adventurous road trip along California’s Central Coast: